Hey, I'm Ash.

I am a designer, journalist, and photographer. I like to make things that help people understand and care deeply about their world. I love to build community, nurture curiosity in other people, and create visually-rich stories that stick in our brains.

Currently, I'm a master's student at Stanford. Officially, I am studying computer science. Unofficially, I am studying some mish-mash of tech, media, design, and art. I also did my undergrad at Stanford.

Things I'm proud of doing include:

  • keeping my cool while talking to Ira Glass about my analysis of the gender gap on This American Life
  • mentoring young folks as a teaching assistant for Stanford's human-computer interaction courses, and hopefully encouraging reflective and deliberate application of their abilities
  • developing a workshop about identity and personal labels that invoked the use of a label maker. Leading this workshop was part of my responsibilities as co-leader of an international camp called GAKKO
  • designing features to improve sincerity and credibility of user profiles on Quora. Working to share and grow the world's knowledge.
  • building a stool called Asseyez motivated by my distaste for sitting on warm seats

I strive towards a world that is more kind, vibrant, and forward-thinking.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a librarian and the host of Dirty Jobs. My dreams haven't changed much.

Send me a note at ash.ngu@gmail.com

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