Crisis Text Line


Using data from Crisis Text Line, Vishesh Gupta and I created three data visualization prototypes using D3.js to make it easier for U.S. citizens, academic researchers and policy makers to understand the crises American teens face.

CTL is the only text messaging hotline for people in crisis.

1st Place & Early Entry Winner of the Crisis Text Line Data Viz Contest in 2014


Chord Diagram

When teens text CTL, what primary and secondary issues do they raise? Teens often text into the hotline citing depression, stress, and family as secondary issues, while the primary issue may be substance abuse or sexual abuse.

Day Hour Heatmap

When do teens in crisis text Crisis Text Line? Peak texting activity is seen from 6pm-1am, outside of work and school hours.

Critical Issue Streamgraph

What kinds of issues are most prevalent among teens in crisis?