Video Slitscanner


Slitscanning demonstrates change over time in a single image.

Processing Slitscanner

I built a slitscanner using Processing to create a single image from videos.

The program takes .mov files and turns them into single images, which are a compilation of pixel columns spliced from the video frames.

If the program is run with a non-timelapse video, the results become fun. Here’s Kina Grannis’s In Your Arms music video run through the program.

Create your own scans with any .mov file: Github code

Source videos from Gerald Donovan, David Yu, Kina Grannis & Sulva Productions

IRL Slitscanner

Prior to the Processign slitscanner, I played around with real scanning flat beds to scan videos.

How to slitscan a video:

  1. Turn off automatic screen lock on iPad
  2. Start video without getting fingerprints on screen
  3. Place iPad face down on scanner
  4. Scan and hope the timing of the scanner is right.
  5. Fiddle with the scanning resolution.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5.


Western tussock moth caterpillars are rampant on campus during the spring