#1 The French Laundry

FrenchYountville, CA, US

Lunch on Thursday, Dec 26, 2013

Party Size

4 with Mom, Dad, Bro and I


9 courses, brioche from Bouchon, salmon tartare in a crisp sesame cone


The family's first 3 Michelin star experience. $300 a person for an incredible quality and quantity of food. Service is top notch. Honestly, quite an overwhelming experience. There was a family sitting at the table nearby that said they came every year!!"

2014 in Review: Dining Out

To document my life in 2014, I kept notes on all 112 times I ate a meal that was not home-cooked.

My memories are tied to food. We eat with the people we care about and the people who care for us. These meals are about more than food-- they're about adventures, celebration, love, friendship, and family.

This is a work in progress.

112 meals eaten
27 types of cuisines
Chinese 13
Thai 12
Japanese 12
Bakeries 9
American 7
31 days longest streak
without dining out
108 people eaten with
18% meals eaten alone
82% meals eaten with others
Dad #1 dining partner
shared 41 meals